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Yolanda Prinsloo

Yolanda Prinsloo is a talented local painter specializing in oils on canvas.  For her current exhibitions, Yolanda creates serene images of water and forests which brings one to a state of calmness and meditation. She has developed her own unique techniques with fading color and tones.  

Yolanda's formal training was in South Africa under the tutelage of Paul Emsley, the recent portrait artist of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.  

Yolanda loves to expand her horizons and continuously experiments with texture and subject matter. She has a wide range in her technical abilities which range from Realism in Portraiture to Abstraction. Her current focus is serenity in art for exhibition and fine art fairs.

Her highest honor through art came when she met President Nelson Mandela to present him with his portrait, commissioned by the South African Embassy, Washington DC.  She has also exhibited at the World Bank,  The National Museum for Woman and the Arts, and the Civil Rights Museums in Memphis TN, and Birmingham AL.

She also provides portrait services and consultation on art purchases.

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